Brian Slawin, Regional Director & Portfolio Manager at Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Brian Slawin, Regional Director & Portfolio Manager at Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BNP) will be a featured speaker at the Manufacturers Growth Conference coming up in Erie and St Marys. Slawin’s presentation, Resources Designed to Fuel Business Growth, will review sources of investment capital for a company, product, or idea. “Knowing where to start is the hardest part,” Slawin said. “Learning the sources for investment, and the process to connect, is the best place to start.” Slawin said having recently moved to northwestern Pennsylvania, he is fortunate to have found an entire ecosystem of people to work with and support who are looking at their future and thinking “I’d like to give that a try”.  In short, Slawin supports the vision of entrepreneurs and manufacturers who want to advance. “I believe in the power that comes from passion and commitment,” he said.

As a recovering entrepreneur, Slawin has lived the startup life…from the late nights to the last minute deadlines, from running out of money, to running out of ideas …to capturing it all again. He has a 20+ year record of strategic leadership, product & technology Innovation and sales success. As a portfolio manager, his role is to help create a culture of entrepreneurs who leverage the vast resources available in Pennsylvania, reach out and nurture their ideas, provide early-stage funding and then support and encourage them as they grow based on solid business principles. “I find, mentor, and Invest in tech startups & advanced manufacturers. BNP invests in innovation,” Slawin said.

The Manufacturers Growth Conference will be held in St Marys (May 17) and Erie (May 18) from 7:30am-4:00pm. The event is sponsored by PNC, Knox Law, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners and information will focus on ‘growing people’ and ‘growing revenue’. Visit NWIRC’s Event Schedule to find the location near you for more details on speakers, topics, venue, and to register.