Join us for a one-day event at the Ambassador Center in Erie, PA, showcasing the latest advancements in automation technology, robotics, manufacturing, and how they affect and compliment the skilled workforce in northwest Pennsylvania. Vendors will demonstrate the latest manufacturing technology for a smarter and more productive shop floor. Educational sessions will highlight advanced technology and applications to improve processes.

Meet one of our featured exhibitors: JBM technologies is a full service machine tool distributor, with a local showroom located just south of Erie PA. Find them at the Expo for examples of smart machines with capabilities such as saving material when sawing, to interactive machines that communicate with their users. They will demonstrate how automating your CNC can be an affordable way to achieve higher throughput. You will see why JBM Technologies may soon become your source for machining solutions.

The Manufacturing Advanced Expo will be at the Ambassador Conference Center, Erie on May 10th, 12noon-5:00pm. See details and register at