Manufacturing Advanced Expo is coming May 10th. Meet one of the Featured Exhibitors: Leading Marks

Leading Marks, LLC partners with manufacturers to improve their marking & traceability processes. Solutions focus to improve legibility and safety while providing cost-savings and innovative methods to capitalize on use of technology. Product solutions offered by Leading Marks include: direct-part marking machinery, thermal transfer labeling systems, ink marking devices, and mobile apps.

They serve a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, fabricators, metalworking, pharmaceuticals, and more. Leading Marks was instrumental in providing the bar-coding app that will be used at the Expo by Exhibitors and Participants. Look for their exhibit featuring laser marking, thermal transfer labeling, and mobile apps for traceability.

Find them at the Mfg Advanced Expo (Ambassador Conference Center, Erie) on May 10th, 12noon-5:00pm.