Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC), along with Workforce Solutions, DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce, and Innovative Manufacturers’ Center (IMC), will host an MFG Day Industry Forum and Luncheon on October 9th in Dubois, PA. The over-arching theme is a discussion on developing company culture to attract, develop, and retain employees. One of the presenters, NWIRC’s Employee Development Specialist Lisa Pustelak, will focus on how a company can assess their current company culture and best practices for enhancing their culture to engage employees across the organization.

Pustelak says that corporate culture basically refers to beliefs and behaviors that determine how employees and management interact with one another and how they handle internal and external business transactions and customer service. “Once you take an honest look at the culture within your company, you can begin taking steps to create an atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work, are quick to recommend others to work there too, and have a sense of loyalty to the business and to your customers,” she said.

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