1. Consider having your students participate with Exploring the Marvels of Manufacturing, making a submission as a class assignment or an extra-credit project.
  2. If you are not able to plan as a class activity, be sure to provide the information for your students in case they want to participate on their own. The digital packet can also be downloaded at www.nwirc.org/mfgmonth.
  3. Select students to read their short articles during morning announcements during the month of October and beyond.
  4. Make videos of students reading their essays to use on the school’s social media.
  5. Initiate a competition among the classrooms at your school (or schools within your District) for the highest number of student submissions.
  6. Establish a panel of judges at your school for evaluating the student articles, and award prizes for their creativity.
  7. Reach out to a local manufacturing company to schedule a Zoom Video Session for your class to interview them or get a virtual tour.
  8. Click here to register for ABB’s MFG Day STEAM Experience! ABB is providing tools for a 5-day STEAM Experience with their partner EdgeFactor. These multimedia tools will help educators showcase the real (and exciting) world of manufacturing to their students! Each day will highlight career pathways and explore how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math come alive in manufacturing. The Rock MFG Day 2020 toolkit will provide schools with an entire week’s worth of films, activities, lesson plans, templates and Best Practices Guides!
  9. The Manufacturer & Business Association’s 7th Annual MFG Day Event is going “virtual” on Wednesday, October 14 – where their mission to inspire, engage and attract the next generation of manufacturers continues! Download their MFG Day APP for details on the Scavenger Hunt and upcoming educational breakout sessions to enter the contests and win prizes.
    Click here for additional information on this exciting program geared for students from middle school through high school.


Be creative! If your classroom or school creates a cool Marvels of Manufacturing activity,
please let us know so that we can spotlight your school and share it on the website!
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