The Pennsylvania Manufacturing Advisory Council was formed last year as a public-private consortium. Its goal is to provide the Commonwealth’s legislative leaders and leading gubernatorial candidates with policy, program and legislative priority recommendations that will enhance the competitiveness of Pennsylvania’s nearly 15,000 manufacturing firms and their 585,000 employees. Currently, the Council is developing a Playbook for Pennsylvania’s Manufacturing Competitiveness for presentation to legislative leaders and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates. Over the last few months, more than 130 PA-based manufacturers shared their perspectives through roundtables, town halls and other venues for inclusion in the Playbook.

Now, the reach is expanding to obtain input from all manufacturing leaders across the Commonwealth through completion of short online survey. Please consider sharing your opinions and experience in the areas of workforce, supply chain, technology and the Commonwealth’s overall business climate.

Manufacturers can CLICK HERE to access the survey. Please submit responses by April 8.

More information about the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Advisory Council can be found here.