Students will soon be wrapping up their semester before summer break and are in-the-midst of looking for internship opportunities. NWIRC has a robust database of high-caliber science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students who are interested in working on a project within manufacturing. However, these candidates will dwindle as they commit to positions in the coming weeks.

If your company has been putting off a project, process  improvement, or other initiative, NWIRC can assist in matching your objectives with the ideal student’s skill-set and work interests. The STEM Manufacturing Internship program has helped companies accelerate technology development and address process and technology- related issues with  significant and quantifiable results, like increased productivity and decreased costs. We can also assess your needs and scope a project for you, to include developing a job description. The program saves your company time in the selection process, and also has an option for payroll management to reduce resources required for maintaining the intern as a short-term employee. To learn more, contact Michael Griffith at 814-898-6882.