STEM Internship Logo_IRC_FINAL-STACKED-01As we begin to see advertisements for back-to-school shopping, we are also reminded that college students will soon be back in session. The Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will be looking to again tap into their database of junior, senior and graduate-level science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students of the STEM Manufacturing Internship Program. As such, now is a good time for manufacturers in Northwest PA to begin thinking about how their advanced technology projects could benefit from having an intern this coming Fall or in Spring 2017.

The NWIRC’s internship program offers a great multi-purpose solution to help narrow the growing national skills gap and offer our client manufacturers opportunities to 1) improve their technology development, 2) improve efficiency and effectiveness, and 3) mentor and evaluate future skilled leaders. The program connects manufacturers with qualified students to work on specific projects that will have significant business impact for the manufacturer and they may also benefit from wage savings of up to 40% of the intern’s base pay for a qualifying three to six-month project.

Many manufacturers lack the resources to cultivate relationships with regional schools and vet qualified students, so NWIRC’s Manufacturing Technology Engineer (Michael Griffith) and Program Coordinator (Gretchen Reinard) assist with the placement process from identifying a project to selecting a candidate and taking this burden off of the company. They will begin attending college career fairs in early September to add to the database of qualified and available students.

Manufacturers who would like to consider a STEM intern can click here for more details or contact Program Coordinator, Gretchen Reinard.