In his own words: Nick Graham, Owner and Lead Programmer, Graham Tech, Inc

What or who fueled your interest in manufacturing?

My father first had me come in, during the summers. I enjoyed using my hands, creating new things.

What is your current role in manufacturing?

I just recently purchased my father’s business, and still am the lead programmer and foreman of our shop.

Describe your path to get to where you are today.

I worked my way from the bottom, sweeping floors, taking out trash, to helping the company grow by learning to program CNC machines. I was able to develop as a leader organically, I was trusted we more as I proved I was ready for each obstacle.

What is your Superpower?

I would say I’m quite fast at identifying patterns and similarities in jobs to help enhance the efficiency of each project in our shop. Efficiency is the most critical aspect of our industry.

Why is your role important to others – like to customers or end users?

As a company, we help larger businesses with their overflow and make sure they succeed. Helping owners keep work going through their business. My employees get to provide a wide range of services. I help train my employees and kickstart their careers. End users benefit from a variety of parts, from molds, to aerospace parts to a farmer down the road.

What do you think the future holds for your career or others you inspire?

I get the opportunity to grow my business with the ever-evolving technology and industry, we get to be on the cutting edge of technology to help our customers and employees achieve success.