Engineer Teaching Apprentices To Use Computerized LatheIf your manufacturing company is considering a student to help propel a product or technology development project, you know the recruiting process for a qualified candidate can be daunting and exhaust your current resources. The NWIRC’s Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice Program actively recruits science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) university and college students who are interested in working with manufacturers in Northwest, PA. We will be attending numerous college career and internship fairs in our region and networking with university departments and career centers in order to qualify students to meet our manufacturers’ project-based needs.

NWIRC previously connected manufacturers with apprentices in Material Science & Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Environmental, Health and Safety. These students conducted material testing and validation, plant drawing database upgrades, production time studies and safety program upgrades, to name a few projects that contributed significant impact to our regional manufacturer’s business.

By providing NWIRC with your specific project job description, Program Coordinator, Gretchen Reinard, can actively seek qualified candidates during her upcoming recruitment activities. She can also assist with writing a job description if you don’t have one developed. NWIRC also makes having an apprentice affordable for manufacturers by offering a mini-grant to offset apprentice wages.

Contact Gretchen with your project job description soon so you don’t miss the opportunity to reach qualified candidates. ( or 814.790.8831)

Go to NWIRC Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice Program for more information.