M-GriffithMichael Griffith, Manufacturing Technology Engineer at the Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC), was recently the featured Newsmaker on WJET TV discussing the Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice Program (watch the news clip below). With Summer just around the corner, college students are looking for internship/apprentice opportunities now. The NWIRC has a significant database of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students who are interested in manufacturing apprentice positions. “We serve as a bridge between the students and manufacturers,” Griffith said. “Many manufacturers lack the resources to cultivate relationships with regional schools and vet qualified students, so we assist with the placement process from helping to scope the manufacturer’s project to selecting a candidate.”

The goal of this program is to keep local talent by showing students the viable and exciting manufacturing positions that are available in their own backyard and, at the same time, help manufacturers advance the growth of their business. Manufacturers in Northwest PA are encouraged to contact the NWIRC to discuss a project that can benefit from an apprentice. Click here for more information or contact Michael Griffith.


Watch the WJET Newsmaker Segment Below: (may take a second to load)