By Lisa Pustelak, NWIRC Employee Development Specialist

Are you tired of your new hires not lasting 30 days? Do you have people who leave for lunch and never come back? Have you tried to offer incentives or hiring bonuses to no avail? Have you ever wondered why some manufacturers have such high turnover, yet there are a few who tend to keep those they hire long term?

Is it possible that it’s not the employee? Perhaps your company does not have a culture that is welcoming and provides an atmosphere where people want to stay.

We are quick to talk about the younger generation and the lack of work ethic, however, when is the last time you took a good hard look at how you bring someone into your business? What does day 1 look like for them?  Is it exciting, overwhelming, or boring?  It’s easy to blame the new hire for a lack of skills and drive, it’s not so easy to recognize where we can make some changes to create a workplace that not only provides a paycheck but also contributes to an individual’s goals, passion and purpose.

Creating an environment that is welcoming, fun, productive, and provides a path for growth and development will not only help you attract and retain your workforce it will also directly impact your bottom line with increased productivity and reduced costs on that ever-revolving door of new hires.

There is usually a reason some companies do not struggle with turnover like others do and it’s not always about the paycheck!

Side Note: Lisa Pustelak will facilitate a session on ‘Onboarding Best Practices’ on March 26 in Corry. See more details here.