This Oct. 5, Pennsylvania is joining the celebration for National Manufacturing Day to help promote the fulfilling career opportunities offered by the PA manufacturing industry. Help us spread the word about modern manufacturing, its positive impact on the economy, and how it benefits existing workers and students who are exploring career options.

Since the Industrial Revolution Pennsylvania has been a leader of the manufacturing industry. Our dedicated workforce, abundant industrial and natural resources, and prime location made it easy for companies to produce and distribute their products to market, and those advantages hold true today as the industry has continued to evolve.

Now the eighth-largest in the country with the sixth-largest employee base, Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry has an $87 billion impact on our economy. More than 560,000 employees work at over 14,000 establishments across our commonwealth and earn an average annual wage of more than $60,000.

Our skilled workforce today is eager to learn and highly adaptable, and able to grow with an industry that continues to pivot towards developing tech and STEM applications. Accessible workforce training programs ensure they’re up to the task and give companies the tailored employees they need to get the job done well.

Modern manufacturing continues to evolve in new and exciting ways, and we’re working to spread the word about the opportunities it offers to both seasoned and brand-new employees just entering the job market. In conjunction with National Manufacturing Day, Pennsylvania’s Manufacturing Day celebration introduces students to diverse careers in manufacturing and connects the future workforce with local employers and job opportunities. We’re training the next generation of manufacturing workers while focusing on advanced technical and STEM skills.

Today’s industry demands experienced problem-solvers and strategists, digital operators, engineers, and others who can blend management and STEM-related skillsets. Pennsylvania is preparing its students to take on an occupation that offers challenging, fulfilling, and stable work so that we can continue to build on our success now and in the future.