2014-AUG-Brand-AdvertPennTAP is once again available to conduct energy efficiency and pollution prevention site assessments for manufacturers in northwest Pennsylvania. Eligible facilities are those with 50 to 500 employees with energy costs exceeding $100,000 per year.

The program is known as the Pollution Prevention/Energy Efficiency (P2/E2) Facility Site Assessment Program. Under this grant-funded program, PennTAP senior sustainability engineers and Penn State University engineering students will spend a day at your facility to examine manufacturing and support operations in order to identify potential opportunities to save energy and reduce waste, therefore reducing operating costs.  This service is provided at no cost to the manufacturing company.  Following the site visit, PennTAP will prepare and deliver a final P2/E2 Site Assessment Report that will contain the findings of the site assessment and provide recommendations for improvements in energy utilization and pollution reduction, as well as a suggested strategy for implementing results.  PennTAP has a track record of finding significant opportunities for cost savings.  The scope of work includes the following:


  • Compressed air system demand-side assessment
  • Energy efficiency assessment survey of various motors operating at the facility
  • Energy efficiency assessment of industrial pumping systems
  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Energy efficiency assessment of boiler and steam systems
  • Energy efficiency assessment of industrial fan systems
  • Performing a survey of the building envelope, lighting and HVAC system
  • Water use reduction studies
  • Solvent waste reduction studies
  • Other waste reduction


For small- and medium-size enterprises that qualify, PennTAP will provide assistance completing grant applications for the USDA Rural Energy Assistance Program Grant, the PADEP Small Business Advantage Grant, and other funding sources if appropriate.


Benefits to manufacturers include having a “fresh pair of eyes” assess operations and offer cost-saving recommendations, and at the same time, help us train our next generation of engineers and scientists to embrace and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

Please contact PennTAP Technical Advisor, Roger Price at (412) 889-5821 or rogerprice@psu.edu, for more information and to schedule your P2/E2 assessment.