By John Moore, Moore Power Sales Vision
In manufacturing, there are often frustrations over the length of time it takes to close a sales opportunity and the lack of new opportunities  coming in. You don’t need to be held hostage by prospects if you are proactive and control your own destiny by planning in three key areas:

Behavior – Do you have a documented set of activities,
executed every week, designed to reach out to prospects you haven’t done business with in the past? Or, are you waiting for the web to drive quoting opportunities? Make a goal to call a specific number of potential clients every single week.

Attitude or Beliefs – 70 percent of our results come from our beliefs. Don’t let your beliefs about the sluggish economy or the election keep you from gaining sales. Act with an
abundance mentality that the market can support your growth.

Technique – 90% of sales people “wing it”. Since 2008 when the recession began, prospects have limited tolerance for amateur salespeople. Maintain a professional selling approach that does not compromise your integrity.

Some planning and work in these key areas during the last quarter of 2016 may help you close the year strong and surely help 2017 start off with a bang.

John Moore is an authorized Sandler affiliate since 1995. He is a sales development specialist helping companies evaluate their sales infrastructure to build a predictable sales model for success.

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