Business concepts on a chart showing salesYour dedication to zero defects, unmatched customer service, and operational excellence have driven you to where you are today in a competitive marketplace. But, do you feel stuck? Is it time to set the same standards for sales excellence?

Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will host a 1-day program designed for those responsible for growing company revenue, including owners, outside and inside sales, and even customer service (if they are able to influence new orders). The program objectives are:

  • Learn a systematic approach to selling rather than ‘quoting and hoping’
  • Apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing to Lean Selling; by having a repeatable process and reducing waste
  • Understand what really motivates prospects to buy what you manufacture and from you as a sales representative
  • Glean higher margins where applicable
  • Develop a sales pipeline which will improve your ability to have an accurate and predictive future revenue stream

Course instructor is John Moore, Principal of Moore Power Sales Vision and a Sandler Certified Instructor. He has been in sales and sales management since 1979. In addition to being an authorized Sandler Training affiliate since 1995, Moore is certified by Target Training International in Behaviors, Motivators, Personal Talent Survey and Emotional Intelligence. He is also a distributor for Objective Management Group in Boston for over 17 years, an organization with expertise in evaluating sales organizations and sales people.

The program is scheduled for October 19 from 8:30-4:30 at Cross Creek Resort in Titusville, PA. Click to see more details and register.