Lead Generation for Manufacturers

Small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies often don’t have the time or dedicated resources to generate new sales leads. NWIRC’s resources and proven processes for lead generation align your capabilities with market opportunities. 

We identify companies and individuals within those companies that are best for your team to pursue. Our specialists conduct the initial and follow-up outreach efforts needed to generate qualified prospects, then turn them over to your sales team to nurture.

Lead Generation Services

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Conduct research and evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as those of your key competitors.

Target Prospect Development

Identify new customer opportunities and key decision-makers with needs that align with your company’s assets and capabilities.

Prospect Outreach

Perform outreach activities to establish contact and create interest, qualify and advance the opportunity, and position your sales team to take over and engage with prospects.

Benefits of Lead Generation with NWIRC

  • Increase sales revenues from new customers
  • Increase sales productivity by maximizing sales talent
  • Improve conversion rate from lead to sale
  • Avoid selling costs associated with less productive prospecting activities
  • Reduce sales cycle time

Success Stories

“We’ve always been confident that we can beat our competition on almost any customer-provided benchmark…but these capabilities mean nothing if nobody knows about them. In NWIRC and DVIRC, we found partners who not only communicated them but began by taking the time to truly understand our business and goals so that they could do so in the most effective fashion.”  

 Ernie Ferro, President, Corry Rubber

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