Manufacturing Market Research

Successful business growth requires timely, accurate, industry-based market intelligence that enables business leaders to make informed decisions. Market research empowers manufacturers to differentiate products and services, identify opportunities to exploit and protect new or improved methods and continuously improve business operations.

Market Research Services:

Market Scouting

Provides insights related to market feasibility and revenue potential by compiling competitive research, stakeholder interviews and expert analysis to drive informed decisions.

Voice of Customer Research

Get direct customer feedback about the wants and needs of the marketplace to inform strategic changes for driving top-line growth.

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

A systematic and comprehensive approach to evaluate the potential applications and market viability of a manufacturer’s technology-based assets. The goal of TDMI is to assess whether a manufacturer’s technology-based assets address specific commercial needs, and identify potential improvements.

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive analysis to help business leaders understand the overall degree of competition within an industry, including barriers to entry, the intensity of competition, estimated market size, and the trends impacting an overall business cycle.

Benefits of Market Research Services from NWIRC

  • Actionable insights and evaluation of potential markets, including trends and opportunities
  • Form connections with potential new partners and/or customers
  • Enhance planning and growth with competitive intelligence
  • Empowers informed decisions to seize new market opportunities more quickly and at reduced cost and risk

Success Stories

“NWIRC gave us a resource and ability to research and do marketing for our new venture for Rapamar Container. This assisted us in making an informed business decision on a new product. The research assisted us to find new areas of growth for our business and the contacts and avenues for our product to sell.”  

 Randy Fyock, Owner, Rapamar Container Company