Manufacturing Sales Process & Execution

Utilizing a proven framework, our expert sales practitioners and skilled facilitators engage you and your sales team in the development of a future state sales process map. This map includes the right activities, best practices, and supporting sales tools to deploy at each step to achieve your sales goals.

This sales process will have defined milestones and verifiable outcomes to measure throughout the sales cycle, help reinforce utilization and manage outcomes. After the sales process and tools are developed, we will provide you and your team the sales training and coaching you need to improve execution and achieve continuous results. 

Sales Process and Execution Services

Mapping a Sales Execution Process

Our sales experts will work with you and your team to create a future state sales process map focused on execution and engagement with potential customers. We ensure your new sales process is aligned with your customers buying processes, procedures, and behaviors. We also engage your sales team from the start to tap into their experience and drive ownership, which increases the adoption rate of your new sales process.

Building Sales Enablement Tools

Like skilled technicians on the shop floor, salespeople need the right sales tools at the right time to perform effectively and efficiently. Our sales experts work with you and your team to build customized tools needed to enhance sales execution and improve how you engage with potential customers. We ensure these new sales enablement tools reflect your company’s strengths and accentuate your capabilities and the value you deliver to customers.

Implementation with Training and Coaching Support

Like an operator turning on a new machine, even the most experienced salespeople will need training and coaching. No matter the size or the makeup of your sales team, our sales experts will develop an appropriate and flexible training and coaching plan tailored to your situation.

Benefits of Sales Process and Execution Services with NWIRC

  • Increase sales revenue and profitability
  • Increase qualified leads in your sales pipeline
  • Improve conversion rate of quotes to customer orders
  • Increase productivity and improve the effectiveness of the sales team
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Improve forecasting and revenue projections
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Smoother onboarding for sales representatives

Success Stories

The research completed and leads provided will continue to help D&E expand and develop business opportunities into new markets not previously explored.”  

Frank Polanski, President, D & E Machining

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