A Lean Approach Customized for Your Company

A NWIRC Lean Specialist provides onsite training or consulting tailored to your company needs. Whether you’re taking the first step or already have an established continuous quality improvement program, we can provide your company with the training and implementation tools to improve operational excellence.

Onsite services include:

  • Value Stream Mapping: An in-depth analysis of a major product or service value stream within your company. The intent is to identify and eliminate the “waste” within the process to realize improved efficiencies and productivity. Typically implemented on-site with a selected project team, this highly effective tool is encouraged as an initial step for those companies just starting out in their lean journey.
  • Plant Layout and Design – Production Preparation Process (3P): 3P is often referred to as “design for manufacturability”. 3P rapidly creates and validates potential product and process designs that require the least amount of time, materials and capital resources. Companies who are moving their operations, expanding their facility or simply want to improve their current layout are classic candidates for these services.
  • Set-Up Reduction i.e. Quick Changeover, Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED): Set-up is defined as the amount of time that lapses between the last good piece of the current run until the first good piece is produced from the next run. Dependent upon how long your set-ups usually take, we can assist you in reducing that amount of time by 50% through a team event.
  • Lean Performance Measurement (Key Performance Indicators): “You cannot manage or improve what you do not measure”. Developing and implementing the right metrics or KPIs is critical for the success of your business. We’ll help you create and implement an effective lean performance measurement system geared toward driving improvement behaviors.
  • Kaizen Coaching- Establish Ongoing transform your company or operation to that of LEAN by stimulating action, building velocity, and sustaining momentum. You will learn how to plan effective process improvement, use influence and persuasion to overcome barriers, and learn the proven tips and techniques for sustaining change.  This workshop will explain what is a Kaizen, how to set one up, and timing before, during and after to help ensure a successful event.
  • Lean for the Office- LEAN Office helps companies with any type of administrative function to streamline information flow-the gathering, improving, movement and storage of information. Just like LEAN for the factory floor, LEAN Office focuses on reducing total cycle time–in this case, the time between orders being placed and when payments are received.
  • Lean Assessments- A NWIRC Lean Specialist conducts an onsite assessment, identifies wastes within your organization, and provides recommendations on how to implement continuous process improvements.
  • 5S- Reduce waste through a systematic application of the 5S System- Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Onsite training and implementation is customized to apply to your specific business. Companies see immediate results, improve quality, achieve work standardization, decrease changeover time, improvement in safety, reduce cycle time, reduce machine down time, as well as improve employee morale.
  • Kanban / Pull Systems – Explore the process of designing and implementing Pull Systems/Kanban at your company. Pull controls the flow of resources in a production process by replacing only what has been consumed and employs customer order-driven production schedules based on actual demand and consumption rather than forecasting. Implementing Pull Systems can help you eliminate waste in handling, storing and getting the product to the customer. Kanban is a visual system of identifying an action required to replenish material.
  • On-Site Continuous Improvement Program
  • Incentive Program
  • Developing Standard Work
  • Setting Up Cells 

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