For all these priorities, it comes down to doing more with less, and doing it better! Maximizing the productivity of your team may be more challenging today than ever before, because:

  • Employees don’t easily connect with the goals and priorities of the business
  • Continuous improvement is driven by only a few
  • Most employees lack a clear understanding of continuous improvement and how they can routinely contribute
  • Today’s home and family situations add to workplace stress and pressures

To address these challenges and achieve your priorities, you can create a culture of continuous improvement where everyone is working together, moving in the same direction, and making small improvements everyday! Learn more about Lean Together™, working groups for operational excellence.

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to evaluate your company’s culture of continuous improvement.

Lean Together™ 1.0

Lean Together™ 1.0 is designed for manufacturing companies to study and implement concepts from the book, 2 Second Lean, by Paul Akers. The agenda provides a structured approach with practice and collaborative learning along the way.

  • Nine 2-hour sessions – educational curriculum and facility tours
  • “Book club” discussions of the 2 Second Lean™ book by Paul A. Akers (copy of the book included)
  • 1-year access to online learning platform for engaging ALL employees
  • Collaborative learning with peers

Space is limited! $300 for 2 Seats

Join our next cohort in August 2024
Contact Molly Reichard for more details at

Download the Lean Together 1.0 flyer here. 

Lean Together™ 2.0

With a focus on growing people, 2.0 is for the advancement of continuous improvement and 2 Second Lean initiatives. Hear from a subject matter expert each month to build upon your company’s efforts. Topics include: establishing the culture of continuous improvement; generational diversity; critical thinking; getting training to stick; improvement kata, key performance indicators and coaching….to name a few. Additional highlights of the program include:

  • Facility tours to see first hand other companies’ success with 2 second lean
  • Facilitated classroom sessions
  • 1-year access to online learning platform for engaging ALL employees

Attendees should be from a previous company participant of Lean Together™ 1.0; or from a company currently advancing concepts of 2 Second Lean.

Space is limited! $300 for 2 Seats

Join our next cohort in August 2024
Contact Molly Reichard for more details at

Download the Lean Together 2.0 flyer here.

Here is what manufacturers are saying:

“For the past two years, our employees have been applying 2 Second Lean. The results have been very positive from the individual, organization, business, and customer perspective. We’re looking forward to taking our 2 Second Lean success to the next level as a participant in the Lean Together working group.”  Scott Eighmy, CEO; American Turned Products

“2 Second Lean is less about mastering lean terminology and tools and everything about engaging your employees and building a culture of continuous improvement. No small feat, but 2 Second Lean, and now the Lean Together program, is the one – two punch combination to that end.”  Charlie Rutkowski, Plant Manager; Industrial Sales & Manufacturing, Inc.

“We have only been at the 2 Second Lean approach for a short time, but already our employees are engaged looking every day to eliminate the little things that bug them and to fix what can easily be fixed. We are excited about the opportunity to learn from others and accelerate our success through the Lean Together program.”  Dan Ignasiak, President; South Erie Production Co., Inc.(SEPCO)

“A critical component to 2 Second Lean success is learning from others and then helping others learn from you. Lean Together provides that platform.”  Bob Zaruta, President, NWIRC    

“2 Second Lean has taken the critical identification of waste out of management’s hands and put it into everyone’s hands. The front-line staff now identify problems and waste; they own it and they fix it. The buy-in starts at the top.” Bob Hill, President; Solar Atmospheres (and previous Lean Together 1.0 participant)

“Not only has 2 second lean helped us make improvements to our production process, but it has also been a building block for our organization to build a culture focused on teamwork, ownership of mistakes and improved safety awareness. I am very happy with our progress associated with 2 second lean and thank NWIRC’s Lean Together program for their effort and support throughout our journey.”  Dean Madasz, Chief Operating Officer, Thompson Fabricating, Inc. and Lean Together 1.0 Participant