Franklin Industries embraced the 2 second lean mind-set from the beginning. One of the process changes involved educating vendors about their requirements for receiving raw materials. This reduced the time spent on materials handling, including receiving and organizing.

Companies are seeing impact from their participation with NWIRC’s Lean Together programs. New cohorts for Lean Together 1.0 are starting in August throughout the region, and Lean Together 2.0 and Advanced are now underway among companies who have previous success from their 2 second lean initiatives. Lean Together 1.0 is a 9-month collaborative learning program focused on developing true and lasting cultural changes, where everyone’s job is making small incremental improvements, everyday. Sessions are facilitated by lean expert, Craig Corsi, and include facility tours, discussion focused on the book 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers, and company-specific onsite assistance.

Franklin Industries is a previous Lean Together 1.0 participate, and they have also moved through Lean Together 2.0 and the CEO Roundtable. “Lean Together has helped our employees realize that working together as a whole group, and gathering ideas from each other, makes us a stronger and more productive team. As a result, multiple production records have been set,” said Debbie Neal, Chief Financial Officer.

Contact Molly Reichard for more info about getting started with Lean Together™ 1.0 at (814) 217-6067.