admip-logo-01The Advanced Diversified Manufacturing Industry Partnership (ADMIP) is an employer-driven collaborative aimed at advancing the manufacturing industry in the region through work-force training and development, pipeline enhancement, and advocacy initiatives. ADMIP encompasses six counties in northwest Pennsylvania — Erie, Crawford, Forest, Clarion, Warren and Venango- and brings together regional employers, economic developers, labor leaders, and educators to improve the competitiveness of businesses and organizations sharing similar products and services.

One of the greatest values of the Partnership is that it reduces duplication of training by better coordinating the efforts between training providers. The program also provides a state subsidy of up to 50 percent for training, on a first-come, first-served basis, for eligible employers.

Along with training the current work-force, the ADMIP is equally focused on filling the pipeline with skilled, career-ready individuals. Partnership members say recruiting students early and often — at functions such as MFG Day, RoboBots, Career Camps and the NTMA’s manufacturing student clubs — and getting employers better connected with the technical schools, high schools, and middle schools, is critical to bridging the skills gap in manufacturing careers.

The effort includes shifting the way the technical educational system is viewed. The goal of the strategic plan is to get parents and students to embrace the message that technical education is for those who excel and want to pursue a path that prepares them for both gainful employment and a degree-awarding institution.

Tami Adams, a member of the ADMIP Steering Committee and Executive Director of the NWPA Chapter of the NTMA, says it is important to participate and get involved. “Every organization working to promote manufacturing in NWPA is doing great things,” she states, “but if we don’t know what the other is doing, we are wasting resources.” Adams has been actively involved in the Partnership since its inception and believes it is the best it has been in recent years when industry has been given the leeway to drive the decisions, not funding streams. “The synergy between organizations is very positive right now,” she says. “We have a great core group actively involved with the ADMIP and we can make things happen.”

Joy Sherry, Director of Organizational Development and Learning for Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, said their organization has benefited from the Partnership since 2008. “The company and our employees have benefited directly from the training, networking, and advocacy efforts of the Partnership in numerous ways,” she said. Some of the benefits cited include: 1) use of Career Ladders and Lattices developed for manufacturing and sales positions; 2) networking with other manufacturers to identify opportunities for coordination of training providers, recruitment, and assistance with Human Resource policies; 3) ability to publicize our opportunities through Tech Fest, RoboBots and other youth forums to build interest in manufacturing as a career, and 4) training subsidies to make training our employees more affordable.

There is no cost to be a member of ADMIP, but a participation rate of 75% is required. Monthly meetings are held on a rotating basis throughout the region with the ability to participate by conference call and are facilitated by Partners for Performance.

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