By Bob Zaruta, President/CEO, NWIRC

Manufacturing is one of many industries that continues to make heavy use of nuts and bolts for good reasons – strength and longevity. Despite growing times of uncertainty, changes in pop culture and lingo, when referring to the practical facts and reasons about a particular thing, the phrase ‘nuts and bolts’ continues to live strongly in our vocabulary for good reasons – it makes sense and simplifies things. Let me introduce you to a new thing here at NWIRC – BOLT – Blended Online Learning Tool. We are so excited to bring this new tool to our manufacturing community and clients. We believe this new tool will be well-received and heavily used for a long time to come. Our confidence is based on the nuts and bolts of BOLT.

Clearly, the appetite for employee training in manufacturing is strong and expected to grow given market pressures for companies to remain competitive and to excel at attracting, developing, and retaining talent. While employees are hungry for more training and employers want to serve it up, the real world of customer demand, scheduling, production, unexpected issues, and the list goes on, can get in the way of even the best diet plans and intentions.

BOLT is designed to address the unique challenges of training in today’s busy and demanding manufacturing environment. As an online learning platform providing on-demand training available any time any day, BOLT offers convenience and flexibility. Bolt enables your employees to gain access to an array of training and the ability to start, pause, and restart their learning to best meet their personal and workplace needs. And, without always having to give up valuable time for travel to a public training session.

Now, there is no substitute for in person instructor-led training in my mind. The NWIRC staff of Lisa Pustelak, Molly Reichard, and Shane Cantrell deliver outstanding training in a compelling way and our manufacturing clients strongly agree. That said, blended learning can be the best of both worlds. Just like that perfectly paired appetizer or wine and the entrée, online learning as a prerequisite that complements in-person, instructor-led training has proven to dish out a great experience along with a making the in-person learning even more productive.

graphic of NWIRC’s Blended online learning portal (BOLT)

NWIRC is curating content for BOLT that will enable and energize your workforce to: boost productivity, quality, and continuous improvement; improve compliance with safety regulations and industry standards; upskill for readiness in new; develop and grow individually and as a team; and to become better leaders. Most of the courses include 10 lessons with common themes, such as Basics of Manufacturing, Lean Kick-Start, Quality Overview, and Basics of CNC – to name a few.

Check out BOLT now to increase productivity and efficiencies, reduce training costs, and improve employee engagement while energizing your workforce and improving employee satisfaction and retention. Also, know that it’s only just begun. You can expect to see an expanding menu of content to choose from, including blended learning paired perfectly with in person training. It makes sense and it works! That’s the nuts and bolts of it!