by Desiree Schnoor, Virtual QE

If you are a manufacturing company, we would guess that one of your biggest problems fall into one of these areas: labor availability, training, production, or audits. It might be inconceivable to think that these same problems could be turned from money wasters into your biggest profit-making areas. This might be especially true considering how much time, energy and money has been used at attempting to find solutions to these problems. Video Work Instructions to the rescue!

Let’s take a look at how implementing Video Work Instructions can transform your old ways of “doing” labor availability, training, production, or audits, which wasted money, to new methods that will help you save or make money.

Labor availability is the leading problem facing manufacturers today. Forget about the limited labor pool of qualified applicants, how much you have to pay the qualified applicants you can find, not being able to fill workstations, and worrying about your most experienced technicians’ upcoming retirements. Video work instructions are the one simple solution to all of those issues by providing a revolutionary way to close the skills gap from the “other side”. Tradition says qualified, skilled workers do highly skilled tasks, but video instructions automatically allow anyone to perform high-skilled tasks, eliminating the need to be able to find, pay and keep highly skilled technicians, while maintaining quality, standardization and tribal knowledge.

Training new and existing employees is usually costly and takes a long time. Video significantly reduces training time and increases training effectiveness. It also makes identifying and implementing cross training opportunities for employees seamless. Video brings new meaning to job flexibility by quickly allowing employees to train on new tasks much quicker and effectively than long hours of learning from an expert. Video Work Instructions are launching continuous improvement opportunities and job satisfaction, while reducing turnover.

Production improvements can be seen almost immediately upon implementing video work instructions. Drastic increases in quality and yield save you time and money, as do reductions in waste and having to correct defective parts. With full workstations and workers who can perform multiple tasks, work is faster and standardized. You will find yourself being able to qualify for and bid more and new jobs.

While no one enjoys the auditing process, using video work instructions makes compliance easier since video is document controlled. Keeping your documents up to date with current updates and revisions is also much easier with video.

There are many effects of revamping the biggest money wasters into money makers with Video Work Instructions. Your company can reduce spending by reducing what and how much is outsourced, reducing payroll costs, waste and defects, so you have more to spend on growing your business in new ways.

Improvements in the ways above may also give you a new presence and competitive advantage with both new and existing customers and employees. Internally, prospective employees will be drawn by new training methods and work instructions. And not only will you be producing work better and faster, for your customers, but you will be able to establish yourself as an industry leader, which may lead to better customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately more money.

Side Note: NWIRC is offering a two-part ‘Video Work Instruction Workshop’ (March 29 and April 5). As part of the workshop, you will receive video camera glasses and coaching to create your own work instruction video for a task or job you identify. The final product is a video work instruction you can start using for training. Call us for more information or to register at (814) 217-6067. You can also join NWIRC and Virtual QE for an informational webinar on February 26. To find details for the webinar, click here.

For more details on the 2-part workshop to learn and create your own video work instruction, click here.