Do you need to design and develop control systems documentation? Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) will offer the course presented by ISA (International Society of Automation) called Developing and Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation on March 29 & 30 in Erie. This two-day course will focus on the development of piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) and covers both the development and the reading/interpreting of these documents, making it beneficial for engineers, designers, software programmers, system integrators, and technicians.

You will be able to:

  • Design, develop, and interpret the documents used to define instruments and control systems for a typical project, including P&IDs, loop diagrams, specification forms, instrument lists, logic diagrams, installation details, and location plans
  • Explain the information included on each document
  • Plan document development as it relates to project management
  • Apply ISA standards for symbols and terminology to documentation
  • Describe the relationship of ISO 9000, OSHA process safety management (PSM), and API 750 to control systems documentation

Registration for the course is now open. Click here for more information about the course and how to register.