David Peck
David Peck, Owner/CEO, David J. Peck & Associates


Cybersecurity breaches, no matter the scope, require an established incident response procedure with specific steps. This is a procedure you hope never to use in an actual situation, but it’s important to have in place and practice in case an event occurs. The NWIRC’s upcoming program, Cybersecurity 101 for Manufacturing, will include a subject matter expert in identifying potential threats and developing processes to mitigate issues that would affect business operations. David Peck is a former Electronic Warfare Technician with the US Navy, a retired PA State Trooper and a former CIA officer. In addition to being a licensed private investigator in PA, David holds several leading certifications in the field of Cybersecurity some of which include: Certified Information Systems Security Professional; Certified Ethical Hacker; and Certified Forensic Examiner. David currently leads a team of highly skilled individuals in his company, David J. Peck and Associates.

Cybersecurity 101 for Manufacturing is scheduled for February 16th from 8:30-10:00am at Knowledge Center, Erie PA.

Click here for more details on the entire panel, venue directions, and to register.

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