NWIRC’s Employee Development Specialist and DDI Facilitator, Lisa Pustelak, will conduct a workshop on August 11 in Erie on a topic that is always at the forefront for manufacturers…engaging and retaining talent. The program will provide leaders with a model to determine what drives each individual’s engagement, as well as methods for proactive engagement and talent retention. Participants learn how to conduct “engagement conversations” and “retention conversations.”, as well as explore ways to offer recognition and create an engaging environment using no-cost “everyday engagers.” The course was created by DDI (Development Dimensions International), a global human resources and development firm.

The program will help leaders:

  • Engage individuals on a daily basis.
  • Uncover and address what individuals need to be more satisfied and engaged at work.
  • Inspire higher levels of engagement by acknowledging the value people bring to the organization and showing them that they matter.
  • Increase the quality of conversations with people about their engagement and intent to stay.
  • Inspire others.

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