In her own words: Vivian Jones, Bracing Department, Jones Performance Products

What or who fueled your interest in manufacturing?

What fueled my interest in manufacturing was my family and their drive to make our business grow and improve.

What is your current role in manufacturing?

Right now, I work in the Bracing Department. I help roll all of the air out of the fiberglass and also sometimes trim off the excess glass off the molds. These parts that we make go inside the hood to give it structure.

Describe your path to get to where you are today.

I started working at the shop when I was 16. I worked in a different department doing inventory but it did not really suit me. I always thought fiberglass was interesting but I didn’t get to work with it until I was 17. Ever since they decided to move me to bracing, I haven’t left. I have had other jobs like working at dairy queen and autozone but I always seemed to like working at the shop the best. I really love the work environment and the schedule that they have in place.

What is your Superpower?

My superpower is my ability to learn quickly and also teaching and /training new employees.

Why is your role important to others – like to customers or end users?

My role matters because when we work together as a team, things go a lot smoother. Everyone knows their roles so we don’t get in each other’s way and we can accomplish our goals.

What do you think the future holds for your career or others you inspire?

I hope after I graduate college that I can pursue the Human Resources aspect of the company.

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