On March 3, Walmart U.S. President & CEO, John Furner, released an article announcing the company’s new commitment: “Over the next ten years, Walmart will spend an additional $350 billion on items made, grown or assembled in the U.S. We estimate that this spend will support more than 750,000 new American jobs. We’ve identified six priority categories to focus on: plastics; textiles; small electrical appliances; food processing; pharmaceutical and medical supplies; and Goods Not For Resale (GNFR).” he said.

This spending and support for small businesses and diverse suppliers includes an opportunity for 9,000 entrepreneurs to become Walmart suppliers and sellers through their annual Open Call events when they invite anyone with a shelf-ready product (that supports American jobs) to pitch it to them. This year’s Open Call event is scheduled for June 30th. For more information about this opportunity, check out their special JUMP website (Jobs in US Manufacturing Portal) and enter your contact information to get details about their event. (https://engage.walmart-jump.com/article/what-is-open-call)