techfest 2015 flyer headerTechFest Industry Day on December 9th at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center offers education and showcases technology for those in manufacturing. One of the breakout sessions features When to Cut and When to Print.   If you are new to manufacturing, been in the game for year, or stepped away from it for a while, it’s easy to become lost on the road of manufacturing with all the advancements in new technologies. This presentation is about the two roads of making parts – cutting material away (subtracting) to get the final part or using a raw material to print the part (additive) through 3D printing it. What are the keys points of when to subtract and when to print? Discussion includes the pros and cons of both technologies to help you make an informed decision when you reach that fork in the road. Presented by Cimquest’s Shawn Spinneweber, Lawrence Lyman, and John Hazel.

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