Your Vision for 2020: Improving your company’s competitiveness, winning new business, and becoming more profitable!

Is your company losing its competitive edge and missing new growth opportunities? Is it because:

• Employees don’t connect with the goals and direction of your business

• Continuous improvement is driven by only a few managers

• Scrap rates and rework are at undesirable levels

• Excess waiting, movement, processes, or production

• Not meeting customer demands and quality expectations

What if?

• All employees were engaged, making small incremental improvements as part of their everyday job

• All employees were able tosee and eliminate waste

• You had a culture of continuous improvement where everyone knows their role, responsibilities, and the value of their  contributions

If this is your vision…..look to Lean Together™!

Lean Together™ is a working group for operational excellence, based on concepts from the book, 2 Second Lean.

The program includes classroom sessions, tours, and onsite assistance. The agenda provides a structured approach with practice and collaborative learning with other companies along the way.

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